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Hey guys-

This community is going pretty slow. I've been promoting a lot but it doesn't seem to be getting off the ground, so I'm going to leave. I'm also going to invite you all to join my two communities, ______rad  and super_elite , because they are doing very well and I promise that they're lots of fun!


And here's a picture, just for fun.


PROMOTE BITCHES!!11!!111!!!!1ONE!!111!1

i'm thinking we should have a theme of the week. and we post pictures/icons/banners/whatever the fuck else you can think of that have to do with that theme.

any theme suggestions perhaps?

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I am a Unitarian.

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[name] Hannah
[age] 16 until August 12th yay!
[location] Maine

[favorite bands] Pixies, Yellowcard, Incubus, Black eyed Peas (not really a band)
[favorite movies] Newsies, Spiderman 1 and 2, Tarzan, Center Stage
[favorite books] Witch Child
[favorite color] Black

[amuse me]
[what's your most embarressing memory] i have plenty, but where to begin
[hobbies?] I draw and dance and swim/dive

views on...
[gay marrige] I have no problem with that
[abortion] I have nothing against that. If a teenage girl is pregnant then let her get an abortion. She is way to young to have a child. Even adult can get it. They might not even be ready to be a parent.
[drugs/alcohol] bad for you, but who hasn't had drugs or alcohol. I just dont want to be like my sister's
[self-mutilation](ex:cutting, burning,etc) I did a lot of that last year. But since I had meds and consuling(sp?) I got help. Its a horrible place to be in. Get help before something awful happens.

[why are you oh so elite?] Seems interesting and fun.
[promote us to atleast 2 people, please show proof.]
okee dokee just check my journal if you insists