so elite

it should be a crime

it should be a crime
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1.] play nice.
2.] everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
3.] no nude pictures please.
4.] n0 tYpIn LyKe Dis.
5.] when posting, in the subject just simply put what you are. For example, the moderators will put moderator in the subject line, stamped members put stamped, and applying members should put applying.
6.] If you're rejected leave the community quietly. You may try back again in a week. After the second time don't bother coming back.
7.] DO NOT post comments or apps or ANYTHING in our personal LJ's
8.] you must apply with in 24hrs of joining
9.] you must be at least 13 to apply
10.] BE HONEST about everything. dont lie in you app. use your own pics.

this is a rating community. if you dont like what we say LEAVE! we dont promise to be nice.

1.] stay active.
2.] promote, promote, promote!
3.] be nice to the mods and everyone else. If you fail to do so, you will be banned.
4.] large posts and all pictures must be behind a lj-cut.
5.] It's okay to promote other communities, but not all the fucking time. If you do promote another community make sure you put something else in the post. (even if it's just a picture)


to promote this community...


application must be behind a livejournal cut. We will not tell you how. Find out on your own. The cut must say 'application' or something along those lines.


[favorite bands]
[favorite movies]
[favorite books]
[favorite color]

[amuse me]
[what's your most embarressing memory]

views on...
[gay marrige]
[self-mutilation](ex:cutting, burning,etc)

[why are you oh so elite?]
[promote us to atleast 2 people, please show proof.]
[how did you find out about us?]

[three or more pictures, atleast one clear shot of your face.]


If you're accepted you'll see...

and if you're rejected you'll see...

your fucking mods